About us

DC SERVICE is a company that specializes in comprehensive investment services in the areas of Data Center, Modular Data Center, investor service, post-sale service, and specialized maintenance.


DC Service is a provider of comprehensive solutions for data center infrastructure. Our company offers:


– Professional Project Management (PM) and construction management, ensuring effective implementation of data center projects.

– Full support in mechanics, electricity, and hydraulics (MEP) to guarantee smooth operation and high performance of the infrastructure.

– Consulting services in data center topics, including location selection, construction process, and colocation, tailored to individual client needs.

– Performance testing and commissioning services for data centers, ensuring optimal functioning of the infrastructure.

– Comprehensive audits of data center buildings, enabling the identification and resolution of potential issues and optimization of operations.

– Production of modular data centers, customized to specific requirements and needs of clients.

– Smart Hands services and onsite repair for data centers, ensuring quick response and professional support in case of onsite intervention needs.

– Implementation of advanced software for data center management, such as DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) and BMS (Building Management System), to optimize infrastructure management.


Our company focuses on delivering the highest quality solutions that meet the most demanding needs of our clients. We offer a comprehensive approach to data center infrastructure, ensuring efficiency, security, and reliability of operations.

We offer our Clients state-of-the-art technological solutions
and expertise that will be applied and tailored
to their individual business models.

Find our more about the IT technology we have developed.

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How do we work?

I. Strategy and planning

Achieving reliable results of system performance requires separate planning and management. Our technological team of technological experts understands every aspect of proper telecommunications – from project planning and management right up to deployment and testing.

II. Technology assessment

Quality, efficiency and security can be at the highest level thanks to our technology controls. Our specialists analyse the IT infrastructure to identify all possible vulnerabilities and security gaps.

III. Pre-design

We prepare the pre-projects that underpin our Client’s further company development and direction of their growth as well as the needs and requirements stemming from their business profile.

IV. Consultations

Technological consultations are a key element of our cooperation with Clients and are preceded particularly by an assessment of the installation environment. Such services are often performed to confirm the competences, knowledge, skills, and experience held by us or other competitive firms.

V. Service support planning

Technical support services for new or existing systems both in server rooms and in and around the office area. Today, we are often involved in ongoing service support for mixed spaces alongside server rooms and office areas. Such services are provided as a server room operating on a continuous 24/7/365 basis, whereas the office part of the support is for installations, ‘per request’ or a scheduled specific timeframe in the day, where work resulting from expansion actions, for instance, are carried out after office hours (evenings/nights/weekends). Ensuring service continuity is paramount in such services.

VI. Execution

DC SERVICE thoroughly tests the equipment and software well before they are deployed. We give our Clients the peace of mind and certainty that once a new system is powered on, all the data and communication systems will work seamlessly and flawlessly.

VII. Maintenance

Every SLA is a matter of selection and planning and we support our Client’s through every step of the way. The available service options include a ‘per request’ option where answers are provided within the agreed 15 minutes from the reporting of a failure or downtime, but then the service technicians have to remain at the Client’s site. This is always a more expensive option and does not always use even 5% throughout the whole year. Hence, communication with our Client is of paramount importance in order to truly tailor the service needs.

Our expertise has been confirmed and acknowledged by recognised certification bodies and producers of server room infrastructure producers.

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