We're enhancing Data Center security

DC Service

We know that in modern companies, their IT systems are critical elements to their operational security. We provide comprehensive services and solutions enhancing the security of new and running IT systems – Data Center.

Swift action

We operate as an independent group of engineers with extensive and lengthy experience. Combined with the quality and swiftness required to maintain security, we provide solutions, support and services for our Clients

Complex offer

We provide our services to all the companies that require a high level of security and operational performance

Our performance area

We focus on providing solutions that are not constrained to the site and its location. We operate throughout Poland and EU and have also successfully completed several projects in Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus

Are you looking to change, improve or create a server room?

DC Service is an innovative and fast-growing company specialized in comprehensive investment support for Data Centres, Modular Data Centres, investor support, after-sales services and specialized services.

Our services

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