Partnership for Cloud services

Unique data management in a private cloud

Even if you are in urgent need of renting cloud space – we can deliver in no time at all – even within 24/48 hours

We are a technological partner for the services rendered at the Data Centre within the Cloud Computing services of INTRATEL

Cloud Computing is a solution and services allowing for the operating costs to be reduced, access to software (SaaS service), IT infrastructure (IaaS service), and the necessary tools without incurring initial investments directly in the computer of the user and an unlimited scalability of resources.

The concept of cloud computing is a metaphor relating to the architecture of services offered online. The computing does not take place on the user’s computer but is handled by many servers located in the server room of the service supplier. There is also software for their installation and all that the user sees is its interface. The package of services used by the user can comprise various services supplied by one or various different firms but they usually communicate with each other to a certain degree. The user’s computers are even more dispersed “edges” of the cloud where data is collected and they provide access to them. If we could show a diagram of this connection network, it really does resemble a cloud. Indeed, the whole internet can be presented in this way.

The notion of making software and services available in this way is not new and goes back to the very beginning of the era of computerisation, when all the computing was done on central units. Workstations/terminals, often without any computing power at all, were used to input and read data. Several decades later, in the age of widespread personal computers, it was mainly economic and work organisation reasons that led users and service providers back towards the old model.

Cloud computing, however, cannot by any means be referred to as archaic as both the technology and the concept are applied across services harnessed for the growth and development of the technological and… economic thought. In this reality, companies that are often not linked and sometimes even in competition with each other store data on the same servers belonging to one service provider. This allows servers standing in one location to be maintained by a smaller team than if every firm would have their own machines. One and the same IT operative works for different firms at once, ranging from courier companies, furniture producers, to toy stores, for instance. All the firms pay for the file creation possibility but they don’t have to buy either the hardware or the software or even hire an IT team. The Client is not even interested in where the machines are physically, all that is left is for them to use them.

Intratel, to meet the growing demand for services providing access to a virtual computer desktop, provides a cloud computing model that is fully compatible with the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment built based on VMware View and Dell solutions.

Benefits to Clients using Intratel cloud services:

Reliable business continuity and disaster recovery

VMware View is built on the industry-leading VMware vSphere and can easily automate the creation of back-ups and restoration of business processes at data processing centres.

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